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Let the king be enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for He is your lord.
Psalm 45:11
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Does your closet depress 

you rather than dress you?

Want to feel more confident when you get dressed?

Ready to learn how to flatter your unique size & shape?

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Hi, I'm Vicki!

Welcome to Color Me for You 

I want to introduce you to a whole new way of looking at color,
especially when you are wearing it!
I believe we are made in God's image and look radiant wearing
the colors He created. Dressing in ways that flatter the body God
gave us helps us feel beautiful, and also honors Him.

Holding a Purse
Fabric Patterns
Green Clutch

Let me show you what I'm talking about...

I can teach you how to dress with confidence

Discovering how to dress that flatters your God-given beauty

is easy with just a few hints

Whether we're shopping

in an outlet

or shopping your closet,

I show you how to apply

practical secrets to

dressing & shopping that

you can use

for many years to come 

I can take you
on a fashion adventure with friends

Finding fashion with friends just makes the whole process

more fun

A style party in your home

or a Girls' Day Out shopping

is the perfect way to learn

how to buy pieces

that will flatter you &

help you

find a new confidence

I can educate
& entertain
your group

Once a teacher, I now, as a certified Christian Image Consultant, teach women

how to look and feel

their best with fashion.

I love sharing with groups -

small or large -

about faith & fashion,

including teens and

young women

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Becoming a Christian Image Consultant has been a rewarding experience, helping women to grow a confidence in their personal style
I also share a passion for helping women who find themselves in crisis situations. Helping them redefine who they are and what they wear, so they can stand tall and proud, no matter what their past
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Contact me

312 16th Ave NE 

Aberdeen, SD  57401

Tel: 605-380-2248

    Let's talk soon!  

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